Mangabey - Try To Chill
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1. 1) Just Luv Machine
2. 2) My Saxophone
3. 3) Try To Chill
4. 4) Try To Chill (Rick Wade Remix)

Mangabey - Try To Chill

Mangabey, jazzpiano wizzard and amazingly talented electronic producer coming up with his 3rd EP on his home label Toy Tonics. The French kid already has a prominent fanbase: From Joe Goddard to Vigil Abloth and Laurent Garnier.. lot of good taste DJs have been playing his last Toy Tonics releases. He has this very own vibe that catches you immediately: Warm and funky dancefloor tracks that get people immediately moving. Never cheesy, always musically complex but ultra catchy. Reminding the 1090ies New York sound of Master at Work and Francois K…with a French touch.

The thing is: Mangabey almost doesn’t use samples. He plays all himself. His sound is super soulful and full of funk and jazz tricks that normally producers get from sampling disco loops. But Mangabey doesn’t need this trick. He got the skills and plays all live. In fact he is working on his live act currently and impressed people with his live jams that he records at home and that show his ability to perform music on his vintage keyboards and drummachines in a way that reminds early Recloose or Harvey Sutherland. And this makes the music so unique. Listen to this EP! My Saxophone: That solo could be on a „difficult“ Brecker Brothers Jazzfunk album or even on an Art Blackey record, but Mangabey makes it sound so vibey and fluent. Creating an outstanding jazzhouse track. Just Luv Machines is the key track for dancefloor: Featuring funk vocals that give the track that immediate kick. That track could be hugh. And Try to chill with the Rick Wade remix…. wow! After his first and second Toy Tonics EPs features remixes by Glenn Astro, Fouk and his French buddy Folamour, now its time for original Detroit house funkateer Rick Wade, who adds some special American flavor to the song. Toy Tonics & Mangabey = Perfect combination.

Vinyl, 12", EP