Mark Barrott ‎- Sketches From A Distant Ocean
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1. A1 Galileo
2. A2 Low Lying Fruit
3. B1 The Rowing Song
4. B2 Xarraco

International Feel

Mark Barrott ‎- Sketches From A Distant Ocean

For a long time after 'The Pathways of our Lives', I didn't feel like making music. This seems to happen every few years and I'm much more relaxed about it these days than 10-15 years ago, when I used to panic. I always remember speaking with Rob Gordon (Warp / Forgemasters etc) early on in my career about this and his answer was 'when I have something to say, I say it, otherwise....'

This has always stuck with me and for the past couple of years, I really didn't have anything to say, so I listened to a lot of audiobooks and well... breathed in and breathed out.

I went back to Uruguay for the first time in a long while, walked in the Arboretum Lussich (Dr Nimm was sadly not in residence) and sat by the ocean, staring out across the vastness and thought a lot about how insignificant and important we are all in the same moment and then eventually realised I'm a musician, not a philosopher and got back to work.

This momentary momentum has also led to a new La Torre compilation and various other bits n bobs, all coming over the summer. In the meantime, one thing having a break has taught me, is that music is not about being clever or relevant (I rekindled my music passion on a journey of self discovery after swimming with Bepu N'Gali in the ruins of Atlantis), it's about self expression & connection, an escape for both the maker and listener from everyday homogeny and with that spirit and intention in mind, I hope you enjoy listening and have a wonderful summer. (Mark Barrott)

Vinyl, 12", EP