Master Flashhh - Enigma EP
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1. A1 - Too Big To Fail
2. A2 - Beat Boxxx
3. B1 - Boulevard Mystere
4. B2 - Enigma

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Master Flashhh - Enigma EP

EYA Records marks its 10th release with a solo work from French producer Master Flashhh.The opening track "Too Big to fail" is stripped back yet energetic, driven by 909 drums,atmospheric pads and drifting vocals.A2 "Beat Boxxx" is catchy electro workout with vocal samples from a Dominican Republic radio and 303 acid lines. On the B side "Boulevard Mystere' is an ode to Boulevard Barbes in Paris, the track is characterised by haunting melodies and a warm analogue bass.B2 is a dreamy and evocative number with the use of Juno 106 spacey sounds and 808 drum patterns.Enigma EP is contemplative, audacious and imaginative.

Vinyl, 12", EP