Max Wuerden - Format
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1. A1. Capsules Of Energy
2. A2. Desiccate
3. A3. Closeness
4. B1. Format
5. B2. Wirkungsgrad
6. C1. Spectral
7. C2. Metamorphose
8. D1. Exothermic Reaction
9. D2. Constituent Elements

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A Strangely Isolated Place

Max Wuerden - Format

Format draws from its Latin origin: "formatus", meaning "to be formed". Over two years, Germany's Max Wuerden produced a variety of tracks using completely different approaches. It wasn't until they were placed together in unison that the strengths from the variety of productions came together. Max's studio recordings lined up alongside live performances; field recordings of foot-steps and sounds from deep forests amongst broken leaves and custom synthesizers; processed guitar-loops weave amongst soaring ambient pads and energetic driving analog pulses segue classic 90's ambient depicting the very furthest reaches of space. Max's abstract impressions were weaved together and Format was born. The result captures the very best of Max's multi-disciplinary techniques we've come to admire throughout his many productions and collaborations over the years with the likes of Thore Pfeiffer and his releases on Kompakt's Pop Ambient series.

2 x 12" Purple Vinyl, LP, Album, Ltd. 200 Copies