MAX404 - Recycler

Applied Rhythmic Technology

MAX404 - Recycler


The next in ART’s classic Remaster series is another gem from the early Eevolute catalogue. Max404’s (Erwin van Moll) “Recycler” EP was originally released in 1992 during the heyday of European Techno meets Detroit influences.

The legendary Solid Bass DX100 preset sound dominates the opening track showing its Detroit influences from the off. Mamoulian brings the European EBM/synthwave sound to the fore whilst Hangover merges the Chicago/Detroit sounds in a funk bass led feast.

Fractal View was the big hit from the EP. A techno-breaks hybrid perfect for the raves of today and yesterday. The EP ends with the dark, heavy breakbeat Quiddity - a haunting track that ensures ths classic eclectic EP stays in the mind forever.

Never previously reissued in its full vinyl format and only previously available as an in-demand original with prices to match - the remaster meticulously brings the sound up to modern standards.

Vinyl, 12", Reissue

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