Medline - Solstice LP
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1. A1. Scrabble
2. A2. Accadde A Bali
3. A3. Liquid Sunshine
4. A4. Solstice
5. B1. La Planète Sauvage
6. B2. Shady Blues
7. B3. Running Fast
8. B4. Chanson D'Un Jour D'Hiver

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Medline - Solstice LP

When we first heard Medline doing cover versions of tracks from the La Planète Sauvage OST, we were blown away. We said something cheeky like: “this thing needs to be on vinyl.” Well wish it and will it enough and it will happen. Solstice is here, and it’s a record chock full of covers of legendary original soundtrack, library and jazz funk music. Many of these records are tough or impossible to find, and Medline’s concept of interpreting these killer cuts and getting them all together on one record is a rare find itself.

This is definitely a record that you can go back to again and again. High quality, brilliant interpretations of these songs, most of which were sampled many times before, is not just a digger’s delight, but something that needs to be in a collection. Every track was performed by Medline. He translated the compositions his way, into his world, and the end product is something we will be talking about for years. - DJ Prestige (Flea Market Funk / Dust & Grooves).

Coloured Vinyl, LP, Reissue