Mental Remedy (Joaquin Joe Claussell) - A Journey to Noi LP
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1. A1. It All Began in the East, Then Two Worlds Became One - Sacred Dance Version
2. B1. A Dance for Gratitude

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Sacred Rhythm

Mental Remedy (Joaquin Joe Claussell) - A Journey to Noi LP

A story that is told through music, of a Japanese artist who travels to a foreign land and fi finds her true calling through the guidance of melody, rhythm, dance, mentorships and friendships.

Music by: Mental Remedy. Produced by Joaquin Joe Claussell For Sacred Rhythm Music & Cosmic Arts

Although the music on this CD Album was written, produced and performed by Joaquin Joe Claussell aka "Mental Remedy." it should not be mistaken as a Mental Remedy album. What is this, however, is a music soundtrack based on a story which was shared with Joaquin Joe Claussell by a good friend and fellow artist Naoyo Terada.

Born and Raised in Japan, Naoyo set out on a journey to America that began around 20 years ago. In pursuing her dream and new way of life; Naoyo set her sights on America. While there and within a relatively short period of time, she has been blessed with valuable lessons, as well as gained profound insights that would not only bring out from within-her calling as an artist, but more profound, bestow upon her lessons on spirituality, creativity and a love for music that would dramatically change her life moving forward…

It is important that you the listener are made aware that, “This is not a usual dance music CD.” Rather, it should be listened and absorbed as conscious, cosmic feel good music. But only if you open your mind and let a stranger in. The harmonic tones will do the rest of the healing…

Vinyl, 12", LP