Michelle & Muten - Eterna Procrastinacion
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1. A1. Michelle – Virtual Analog
2. A2. Michelle - Clavia
3. B1. Michelle – Anomalia Armonica
4. B2. Muten – Vlad
5. B3. Michelle & Muten – Roll Tubes

Opia Records

Michelle & Muten - Eterna Procrastinacion

Mysterious acid rhythms, creeping from South America. ‘Eterna Procrastinacion’ has taken shape via the sounds of, Michelle. Off the back of her recent LP on ‘My Own Jupiter’ it is now her turn to show her cards on London’s OPIA. Accompanying her on the release is talented live artist and producer, Muten. Head first in to the deep end with ‘Virtual Analog’, no holds barred from Michelle, delivering a pacey number straight off the bat. Setting the tone for what is in store. Do not be fooled by the floating tones of ‘Clavia’, shortly in to the trip you will be transcended by an abrupt bassline, reinforced by a distinctive groove. Falling in to the dramatic synths of ‘Anomalia Armonica’ is an easy mistake to make, it simply can not be helped accompanied with the broken drums and acid rainfalls. A package coming from far outside the box is ‘Vlad’, Muten’s solo output on the release. An intriguing insight of his capabilities here. ‘Roll Tubes’ sees the pair explore new realms together, twisting and turning through the dark depths of ‘Eterna Procrastinacion’. No escape from this one.

Vinyl, 12", EP