Mitch Wellings - Space Tours 001 (Incl. Harry Willis Remix)
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1. A1. UK Hun
2. A2. UK Hun (Harry Wills Remix)
3. B1. Cold Beats
4. B2. Space Baguette

Mitch Wellings - Space Tours 001 (Incl. Harry Willis Remix)

Fresh UK sounds define Space Tours inaugural release. Both Mitch Wellings and Harry Wills represent a new wave of exciting artists, prepared to take influence from multiple genres to create unique, futuristic, ultra-effective dance floor weaponry.

UK Garage drum programming, electro zaps and minimal vocal stabs can be found hovering over a thick multi-layered acid bass squelch on A1, ‘UK Hun’. Harry Wills takes the remix into a deeper, 4/4 driven affair, seasoned delightfully with melodic acid licks and some tidy breakbeat action.

The B side opens with the heavy hitting ‘Cold Beats’, distinctly primed to create electric scenes from its rubbery bass lines and wild sound palette.

Last but by no means least, ‘Space Baguette’ soundscapes an epic journey through the stars. Combining classy, deep chords, scintillating synth line goodness and occasional bursts of rude bassline gratification. This one’s sure to gain galaxy wide attention from those in the know.

Vinyl, 12", EP