Module Werk - Secrets Of The Utopian Mind


Module Werk - Secrets Of The Utopian Mind


Classic yet fresh, part of the pantheon but exploring new forms: Module Werk continues where last year’s Interdimensional Traveler EP left off with a new stand-out four-tracker on Portuguese label Helena.

GRAVITATIONAL TUGS comes on in a Detroit rush of hi hats, claps and snares over an offbeat bassline, as stardust synths spin off into space overhead.

Minor harmonies and a sparse breakbeat take MOMENT OF INERTIA into darker territory, preparing the ground for the vintage Ismistik-style squiggle-and-stomp of RITUAL DANCE MACHINE.

The mood lightens finally with AWAKENING, the kind of contemplative analogue electro to put on at an afterparty at your place, once you’ve changed into your comfiest pyjamas. Essential.

Vinyl, 12", EP