Moff & Tarkin - Pass Me The Naan

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Moff & Tarkin - Pass Me The Naan


Moff & Tarkin's second Lagaffe installment marks the label's 8th vinyl release. The release sports three original tracks from the Austrian-based Icelander and a remix from label boss Jonbjorn.

The record starts of with the track Buzz Lightyear, who flies us off out of the atmosphere filled beginning into the depths of the spacey synths, delays and feedback.

Followed is the track Friends Be like, which feels like a refreshing strut down the boulevard where everyone you meet knows you and you know them but instead of saying hello you are wearing headphones and just strut down the street nodding, winking and walking in beat with true swagger. A track with confidence written all over it.

The flip side features the track Takk! which roughly translates as Thank You! in Icelandic. Maybe not roughly, but rather exactly. The track is dramatic and starts off rather stress inducing but takes a whole new direction when Moff n Tarkin adds in soothing piano chords and makes the track’s whole mood switch.

Maybe its a fitting goodbye for the listener as you make your way through label boss Jonbjorn’s remix which has a very warm and feel good atmosphere, lush drums and elements that add on layers to the already great original. A very personal remix and a good ending to a great record that we hope you can enjoy.

Vinyl, 12", EP

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