Mogwaa - Pilgrim
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1. A1 - Camino De Los Vagabundos
2. A2 - Ocean Watch
3. B1 - Paramita
4. B2 - Drizzle

Spring Theory

Mogwaa - Pilgrim

For its 12th release, Spring Theory is excited to present a four-tracks EP from Mogwaa, from Seoul, South Korea, his first on the label. The music is by inspired by his experience of living in Peru and Vietnam (more below), and the artwork is a picture of a tapestry I found in Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia. So this record is just an ode to what happens when different worlds meet in an unexpected way and human open-mindness allows colors to fade out on each other to create new tones.

In his own words: “The first track is kind of ode to Lima, Peru. It was the first country that I lived besides Korea so everything was so new to me. And it made lost in thought of their culture: colonial era, dictatorship, and even japanese president. And second track I made it remembering where I lived in Vietnam, a place where the Mekhong river find its way to the sea. Which is full of mangrove forest and mango trees. And third one is scenery of my neighborhood: at some point I could find feelings from my Seoul neighborhood in Peru and Vietnam. And last one is kind of nostaligia for Peru and Vietnam looking forward to coming back someday.

As they influenced me a lot, at some point I could say they’re my holy land so I’ll make a pilgrimage when I’m really exhausted.”

Vinyl, 12", EP