Mr. President - One Night LP
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1. A1 - One Night (ft. Cindy Pooch & Celia Kameni)
2. A2 - Teasing Me So Bad (ft. Sabba MG)
3. A3 - Tears Keep On Falling (ft. Sabba MG)
4. B1 - Gabriel (ft. Hawa)
5. B2 - Plenty Loads of Loving (ft. Cindy Pooch & Celia Kameni)
6. B3 - The Time Is Now (ft. Hawa)

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Mr. President - One Night LP

We don’t really know Bruno “Patchworks” Hovart’s secret but we’re always thrilled to get a taste of his proven production skills. After two acclaimed LP’s as Mr President released over the last decade, the Disco ruler is back with some groovy ideas to put the country into clubs again. One Night is indeed a shiny celebration of the genuine spirit of Soul and Disco, always coming with Bruno’s modern touch, fitting all the criteria to become an instant club classic.

Vinyl, 12", LP