Nakara Percussions - Nakara Percussions LP
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1. A1. Awa Mama
2. A2. Balimba
3. A3. Kaïnte
4. A4. Kompaa
5. A5. Le pont d’la rivière
6. B1. Elixir
7. B2. Honky Vahéa
8. B3. Desert
9. B4. Boutout Balata
10. B5. N’Djolé

Nakara Percussions - Nakara Percussions LP

Komos Records are proud to present the first time reissue of a cult French private press rarity at the intersection of jazz, percussion and experimental sounds.

“Hypnotic percussion tracks and organic soundscapes drawing on African, Asian, Indian & South American traditions, recorded deep in the French countryside in 1984.”

Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue