Narcissist - 002
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1. A1 - T3
2. A2 - T4
3. B1 - T1
4. B2 - Maz Baz


Narcissist - 002

Narcissist's second release on their own label continues from where it started - four unique tracks that run between the down-right weird to tracky and peak time club music. 

Each track totally different yet a thread runs through all letting you know the same hands and ears made the music. The pair (Marc Ashken & Rob Bradley) jam with synths, drum machines, samplers and mic's until a track comes to light and is then recorded live, sometimes straight into zoom recorder, not a laptop. Edits, vocals and layers are then added as and if required. 
T3 is straight up club music and hooky as hell. T4 is reminiscent their previous track Key – a DnB/Electro cross-over that sounds killer on the dancefloor and isn’t like much else out there. T1 samples a harp which builds and builds over complex breaks and chopped up vox. It’s an intense workout. Finally, like many good club tracks the final track on the EP, Maz Baz, features a pitched down 100 year old Irish vocal. Hooked in and around broken beats it has a dance floor destroying low sub and a high pitched whistle cutting through it all. Quite mad.

Vinyl, 12", EP