Natalie Slade - Control
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1. A1 - Cloud Cover
2. A2 - Humidity
3. A3 - Control
4. A4 - Gimme Ya Love
5. A5 - Love Light
6. B1 - Letter to Myself
7. B2 - I Won't Cry
8. B3 - Colour
9. B4 - There Is Light in Everything
10. B5 - Sunday Morning

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Eglo Records

Natalie Slade - Control

Control is the incredible debut album from Sydney based vocalist Natalie Slade, produced by Hiatus Kaiyote's Simon Mavin and featuring contributions from other members of the Grammy Nominated group.

Combining Soul, Jazz, Folk and RnB, Natalie's timeless vocals dazzle across 10 stunning tracks, perfectly complimented by rich, live instrumentation and Mavin's vibrant production. The album is classic to its core, whilst taking a fresh and energetic approach to a long tradition of Soul/RnB long players. Familiar broken rhythms and jazz heavy motifs, notorious with Hiatus Kaiyote's writing and arrangement style are present, reminding us throughout that we are in the hands of true masters. The result is a kaleidoscopic reimagining of sounds and styles from an exciting new vocal talent.

Vinyl, 12", LP