Natural-Hi - Sean P Radio Edit
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1. A Fame (Got You On My Mind) (Sean P Radio Edit)
2. AA Fame (Hi Re-mix) (Sean P Radio Edit)

Natural-Hi - Sean P Radio Edit


Grooves galore, Solly's vocals, percussion breakdowns, rhodes, old synths, Mark tree glissandos and effect overdubs into a reverb drenched mix from a London recording in 1981...? Yes Please.

Natural Hi’s ‘Fame’ is made available for the first time on 7” with Radio Edits by Sean P. The real deal spirit of London's underground Brit-Funk sound from early-80s until now. A rare find, Sean P credits his friend Winston as the person who told him about the record. "He brought it in the record shop where I was working in Camden" says Sean. "I could see it was a British twelve. At first the vocal didn't sound like a UK artist but I couldn't identify the music as being American or from anywhere else. There was something about it that just didn't go away and it stuck." Officially licensed and remastered onto a bright as day loud 7" cut.

Vinyl, 7", Reissue