Nekhsa / Snake Charm - SP 005
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1. A1. Nekhsa - 02 07 2016 (Clip)
2. A2. Nekhsa - Hypnobeat2 (Clip)
3. A3. Nekhsa - Look at dads new sl... (Clip)
4. B1. Snake Charm - 119.94 Lock (Clip)

Nekhsa / Snake Charm - SP 005


Nekhsa is a mysterious producer with a long running history of minimal and electro greatness running through his veins. A firm believer in the analog and a fluid method of production by jamming with a host of machines. Second release with Spinning Plates following SP003 which feat. 2 remixes from DJ Spider. Said to produce for a host of great labels under a host of alias' - its rare not to hear a track from this artist on a night out in the London scene.

Charm Snake is a new comer who focuses on the trip. His first release with Spinning Plates is challenging at 12min plus but once locked in you wish lasted a week.

Vinyl, 12", EP