Nelson of the East - Kybele
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1. A1 - Explorer
2. A2 - Draw Me
3. A3 - Culto
4. A4 - Burning Palm (Saudade Mix)
5. A5 - Phones
6. B1 - Phase Lines
7. B2 - Yahuda
8. B3 - On Ay
9. B4 - ZETA

Tartelet Records

Nelson of the East - Kybele

Embarking on a journey from Italy to Anatolia and from Africa to the Americas, Nelson of the East soars over imagined landscapes in his debut, motion picture- inspired album, Kybele. Plug in your headphones, drown out the world, and set
out on a mystic voyage of Earth through the lens of Kybele, the Anatolian goddess of wild nature.

With the world in flux and isolation taking its toll, musical escapism has become a much needed pastime for today’s armchair adventurers. Treating recorded sound as a vehicle of time travel, Milanese artist Nelson of the East (N.O.T.E) takes listeners on a journey through kaleidoscopic soundscapes with his debut album Kybele released on Tartelet Records.

Vinyl, 12", LP