Neu Balance - In My Life, I Loved Them All LP
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1. A1 In my life ive loved them all (Clip)
2. A2 I left my body alone with you (ft. Forever) (Clip)
3. A3 Let the mater be (ft. Forever) (Clip)
4. A4. What you need (ft. Evanne Jones) (Clip)
5. A5 Persona (Clip)
6. B1 I Neva neu & Lapris - live at Avenue (Clip)
7. B2. Its love its life (Clip)
8. B3. Dawn Optomist (Clip)
9. B4. a little jewel (ft. Francecsa Belcourt) (Clip)

Budget Cuts

Neu Balance - In My Life, I Loved Them All LP


Budget Cuts: Records & Tapes is proud to present the latest LP from Vancouver’s Neu Balance entitled, In my life, I've loved them alll. This full length album marks the creative return of the Neu Balance moniker after a three year hiatus. In my life, I’ve loved them all debuts Sam Beatch as the singular creative force driving Neu Balance. The album delivers a loving and romantic ideal for life inspired by the raw and natural beauty of the Canadian Riveria by bridging genres like house, rnb, ambient, and modern classical. In Sam’s own words, “the album conceptualizes a hopeful idealism of love, optimism, hope and peace”.

In my life, I've loved them all stays true to the cult classic NB sound featuring bubbly sounds, woozy synths, and off-kilter drum programming. The Neu Balance vision expands further with the introduction of live instruments and vocal performances. In my life, I've loved them all is a foundationally collaboritive album recorded between 2015 to 2018 in Vancouver’s legendeary Deep Blue studios.

The album opens blissfully with the album’s droning title track “In my life, I loved them all”, then glides gracefully into two light and playful collaborations featuring the vocalist Forever. “I left my body alone with you” is an intimate and deep warm up featuring shimmering pads and soaring vocals while “Let the water be” ups the tempo with more percussive and dance friendly rhythms. “What you need” is an alluring and graceful slo- mo love ballad featuring Evanne Jones on vocals, Aiden Ayers on bass and Patrick Holland, aka “Project Pablo”, on keys. The album’s first half culiminates with “Persona”, a hazy decontrustion complete with echoing horn riffs and broken beats.

The album’s second half starts in a hurry with a live disco edit, “I neva neu & Lapris”. The 8 minute club friendly track features skillful vocal chops, loose hi hats, and a hidden message. “It’s love, it’s life” and “Dawn Omptimist” bring home the classic NB dubbed out, tripped out house sound while “a little jewel” closes the album with an endearing sendoff. This classical composition features the tender vocals of Francesca Belcourt and the cello work of Marina Hasselberg. It is truly the perfect ending of a peaceful journey through the mind, heart, and sole of Neu Balance.

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