Neuronphase - Neuronphase LP [1 Per Customer]
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1. 1 Loos It
2. 2 On The Upside
3. 3 White Ball Off
4. 4 Villainman
5. 5 Nightgames
6. 6 Make Me Feel As Good
7. 7 Exit

Neuronphase - Neuronphase LP [1 Per Customer]

Having just recently presented two tracks on Porridge Bullet’s well received compilation, Neuronphase turns up at the label’s headquarters with an ALBUM.

The Estonian producer has without a doubt mastered his dusty house moves, but this 7-tracker sees him steer into more sample-heavy experiments. From funky hands-in-the-air dancefloor business of album opener “Lose It” to brutally cutting up drums on the slow burner “White Ball Off” & the unashamedly cheesy number “Make Me Feel As Good” – Neuronphase gives us a good overview of where his head's at this very minute.

Limited 12-inch white label release.

Vinyl only. Mastered by The Bastard.

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