Night Force & The Tom Cats - Dance
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1. 1. Dance (Clip)
2. 2. Hot Stuff (Clip)
3. 3. You Are My Fire (Clip)
4. 4. Search For Love (Clip)
5. 5. Dance Part 2 (Clip)
6. 6. Shake Shake (Clip)

Night Force & The Tom Cats - Dance


South African disco release. The title track ‘Dance’, written by Belgian composer Frank Degrijse, was released by Night Force and became a hit throughout Europe in 1980.

In South Africa the song was released with permission at a slower tempo (the original 45rpm was ‘officially’ slowed down to 33rpm). Added to this are four tracks by Music Team’s in-house production team the Tom Cats - including dub reworkings of recent Afrosynth releases ‘Burnin Beat’ and ‘Searchin’, here released as ‘Hot Stuff’ and ‘Search For Love’ respectively. Synth-heavy oddities ‘You Are My Fire’ and ‘Shake Shake’ make up the rest of the tracklist.

Vinyl, 12", Reissue