Nikolajev - LEL
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1. A1. 12 AM Monday
2. A2. Plasticine
3. B1. Left
4. B2. Lumipoly

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Nikolajev - LEL

Nikolajev is a Tallinn, Estonia based producer, DJ, half of Dima-Disk with Ragnar Rahouja and co-founder of the club Kauplus Aasia and the now legendary Lekker before that.

His “LEL” EP on Incienso is a diverse four tracker containing many moods and styles - All recorded live in single takes. From the Devo-meets-Deep-Disco shuffle of “Plasticine”, to “Left”, a song from an alternate universe where 80's movies were scored by Bunker Records - and the sweeping ambient passages that bookend them, “Lumipoly” and “12 AM Monday” - This is an EP filled raw emotion, for raw people.

Vinyl, 12", EP