Niles Cooper - The Juuc Miks EP

Kyoku Records

Niles Cooper - The Juuc Miks EP


Denmark's Niles Cooper is someone who has been increasing his profile over the last couple of years. The "juuc" connoisseur has gained notoriety for some of his edits, reworks and sample-based originals on both Soundcloud and Youtube, so it's surprising that his first pressed 12" only came to fruition this past May. Since then, a few other records have hit shops in quick succession, stocking shelves with his freshly squeezed offerings that range from pulp-filled stompers to tastefully flavoured miksed smoothies.

Melbourne's Kyoku Records, known for keeping their ear to the ground and finding raw, freshly-picked talent, have penned Niles for an EP entitled "The Juuc Miks". The combination of the producer and label present a blend that's enriched to maximum umami. Shedding a bit of his familiar thumping flare for a more relaxed approach, the Danish producer presents a record that is breezy and carefree, in true Kyoku fashion. On remix duties they've enlisted the savvy up-and-comer Joe Corti, another name that's soon to be in high demand. Remaining faithful to their aesthetic, the Aussie label is bringing back the crane, both in origami form and within the traditional Japanese art itself. I guess you could say it's a crane within a crane...

Vinyl, 12", EP