Lord Of The Isles - S/T (ft. Ellen Renton)
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1. 1 One Lifetime Is Not Enough For Us
2. 2 Waiting In Arisaig
3. 3 Passing (Feat. Ellen Renton)
4. 4 Inheritance (Feat. Ellen Renton)


Lord Of The Isles - S/T (ft. Ellen Renton)

Lord of the Isles and Scottish poet Ellen Renton join forces for a reflective record that touches on themes related to climate change, both in the present and future.

“Ellen’s poem ’Passing' blew me away and I felt compelled to provide it with a musical accompaniment. I liked how Ellen's vocal recording sounded lo-fi, so I created an environment around it to make it feel cinematic.” ‘Inheritance’ the closing track, picks up where ‘Passing’ leaves off, completing a journey it feels like many of us will experience.

Vinyl, 12", EP