Nu C ZN - That's How Lovers Be

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Nu C ZN - That's How Lovers Be

Mysticisms returns, looking to the source, Detroit City, with the beautiful house music of Soiree Records International and their 1995 deep vocal bomb, That's How Lovers Be.

Established in 1990 by Derrick Thompson, Soiree has long focused on the deeper side of house, late night rhythms across over 70 releases. Never making a shout out about it, the label might not of garnered the kudos it deserves while laying down a tight standard of cosmic sonic delight.

Featuring in the main Thompson's own Drivetrain releases, his production skills are deployed on this one time project. Written and sung by Montaze Armstrong, alongside the smooth accompaniment of Merchon Bower, the production is ubiquitous Drivetrain. His main mix sets the scene; hats proffering swing and impetus while bass and chords underpin the vocal interplay to skyward perfection.

Once again the label conjoins a latter day contemporary and admired producer to offer their own retake and who better than the essential producer of all things deep, Nail. A huge influence on the label during the formative years of (free party) house music's ascent, his recent return has been widely welcomed. His 'mix' is full of respect and perfect pitch, adding his distinctive low-end rumble, hypnotic hats, skips, loop and shake.

To close, it's all about the legend that is Scott Grooves. Nothing more needs be said, his 9-minute ride show jazz roots worn firmly. Rhodes, claps, piano and vocal are all that's needed. Loose, funky and soulful from a true master.

Vinyl, 12", Reissue