Nu Era - The Third Adam
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1. 01 The Third Adam
2. 02 Eighty Seven
3. 03 You in the Strobe Light
4. 04 Dream Frequency
5. 05 Robot Moves
6. 06 Dye Menshun
7. 07 Swing Machines
8. 08 Microchip Angel

Nu Era - The Third Adam

Finally the vinyl edition of this great album originally released in 2013. Limited Edition honey yellow clear vinyl.

For this long-player, Mac has harked back to the good ol' days of analog, employing numerous vintage instruments to create a wholly electronic yet warm, soulful sound.

Marc's Detroit techno influences are ever present on this release, with more than a hint of that unmistakable 4Hero vibe. That said, there is something that makes 'The Third Adam' undefinable - is it house, is it hip-hop, is it beats, funk or electro?? Who knows - but that's what makes it so remarkable - it's in a genre all its own. There are few artists out there that can draw heart-warming soul from cold, dusty electronics like Marc Mac can.

Orange Vinyl, LP, Album