Nullptr - Future World
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1. A1 - Arrowhead
2. A2 - Wave Cannon
3. A3 - Sweet Luna
4. A4 - Bit Device
5. A5 - Cytron
6. B1 - Phantom Cell
7. B2 - Arvanche
8. B3 - Hakusan
9. B4 - Chiron
10. B5 - Future World

Central Processing Unit

Nullptr - Future World

Two years after debuting on Central Processing Unit with the acclaimed Aftrmth EP, Nullptr returns to the Sheffield label for the release of new full-length album Future World. Nullptr has created a set of perpetual-motion marvels here, wind-'em-up-and-watch-'em-go electro tunes in which synth lines and 808s weave dexterously in and out of one another to form these lovely interlocking patterns.

Vinyl, 12", LP