Ocean Moon - Crystal Harmonics
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1. A1 - Crystal Drift
2. A2 - Rainbow Ripples
3. A3 - And Breathe
4. A4 - Lost Oceans
5. A5 - New Infinity
6. A6 - White Mirror
7. B1 - Peace Bells
8. B2 - Revolving Evolving
9. B3 - Mountain Dreaming
10. B4 - Forest Motion
11. B5 - Sleep Golden
12. B6 - The Long Path

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Ocean Moon - Crystal Harmonics

Ocean Moon is a solo project from Jon Tye of Seahawks. A long time explorer of the sounds of spaciousness, having released the ambient classic LP iO in 1994 as MLO, Crystal Harmonics is a document of Jon’s latest discoveries. An ambient/new age/modern classical library suite for KPM, this is inter-dimensional music for mind, body and spirit. Island Visions, the recent collection of music from Seahawks for KPM, touched on the deeper, more spatial side of music and led to Jon exploring this territory in greater depth, again for KPM, under his Ocean Moon alter ego.

Vinyl, 12", EP