Odin Kaban - Wind In My Veins
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1. A1 - Horizonte Aparente
2. A2 - Asking Machines Life Answers
3. A3 - El Baile de la Pita
4. B1 - Ataques de Ausencia
5. B2 - Waves
6. B3 - Nuevos Retos
7. B4 - Wind In My Veins

Odin Kaban - Wind In My Veins

Eleventh album released by Odin Kaban. An album of electronic listening music, eclectic and with a strong personality. Each of the 7 themes that compose it is a unique journey that invites the listener to get carried away. A mature and creative work, full of brushstrokes of multiple styles and influences that make up a solid whole, that will delight the most demanding ears.

Vinyl, 12", EP