Olorun - Moruroa
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Intercontinental Dance Organization

Olorun - Moruroa

The fourth release on Valentino Mora’s label, IDO, comes from a fresh, young French producer, Olorun. Olorun began making dark, atmospheric techno as Abrial, releasing 3 EPs under this guise, before directing his focus to explore the textured, minimal, and ambient musical aspects that have always fascinated him. Through stepping back to examine the subtlety of texture, Olorun’s attention to natural landscapes increased. This encouraged him to name his new, more sensitive project ‘Olorun’; a personification of the natural elements in Santeria’s religion.

Considering Olorun’s affinity with the the natural landscape, it is understandable how the graphic work of Atif Akin on Moruroa’s Crack would provide the inspiration behind the productions that would become Moruroa EP. Conflicting emotions arise when considering the beauty, as well as the destruction, of Moruroa’s Crack, a site devastated by nuclear tests during the cold war. Olorun responded to these feelings through his interpretation of a “journey through the different islands of the archipelago.” Olorun invites the listener to reflect on the always conflicting relationship between humans and their environment.

Moruroa EP is an abstract research characterised by textured layers that form a hybrid construction between organic percussions and atmospheres, and synthesised sounds that remind the listener of humanity’s - often destructive - entanglement with nature. Overall, Moruroa EP, has a captivating and intriguing energy that maintains the deep, meditative and spiritual identity IDO has carved for itself. 

Vinyl, 12", EP