Open Spaces - Open Spaces
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1. A1 Worldbit Generation
2. A2 Speaking In Tongues
3. A3 Envelope Of Soul
4. B1 Artist In Wonderland
5. B2 X In The Underground
6. B3 Spinners Of Faith

La Bella Di Notte

Open Spaces - Open Spaces

Following the reissue of Model Citizen, here is another seminal cut, out of the stellar Interactive Test's catalogue, this time by the visionary mind of Franco Falsini with one of his artist names Open Spaces, as well as the owner and mentor behind the label. Dreamy and progressive house at its best, composed at the dawn of the 90s Open Spaces is definitely another much deserved reissue, not only for the expensive price of the original 12" but because its contemporaneity and the absolutely stunning sound and deep soul.

Vinyl, 12", EP, Reissue