Outra - Brazil Edits EP
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1. 1 Emergência
2. 2 Cicciolina
3. 3 Santa Clara Poltergeist
4. 4 Break é Emoção
5. 5 Rap 16 Toneladas
6. 6 Excesso, Aqui


Outra - Brazil Edits EP

For the 11th release AM collaborates with Rio de Janeiro based label Outra, to shine a light on a lesser known era of the rich Brazilian music history. The record compiles six slightly edited or ‘fixed’ late 80’s / early 90’s Brazilian pop songs that touch all basic elements of old school hip hop, new beat and electro: drum computers, heavy use of funky (guitar) samples, rapping and scratching, except for that last track which is a sexy melancholic Portugese tune that felt so good to end with. As usual in a white discobag hand-stamped with a little drawing by Frank Koedood.

Vinyl, 12", EP