Ouvrijster - Staying Sane EP
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1. A1 - All My Love
2. A2 - Intermezzo
3. A3 - Somebody Else
4. B1 - Astro Cowboys
5. B2 - Homewards (27 Intro)
6. B3 - 27

Sampling As An Art

Ouvrijster - Staying Sane EP

OOOOOHHHHH yeah!!! Nearly 2 years without new and fresh stuff on S3A Records???? We had to come back to the kitchen right ??!! So, let’s do it!!! Here we have a new cook in the family :   OUVRIJSTER!! He is a great artist from Amsterdam, with a brilliant taste!! Mix a little bit of Moodyman with a large dose of Alfabet (Tom Trago + Awanto 3), add a little Max Graef spiced hihats, and you have the recipe for this “Staying Sane EP” !A 6 tracks EP from samplebased house to hiphop.  

Vinyl, 12", EP