Overmono - Pieces Of 8 / Echo Rush - Vinyl Record

Overmono - Pieces Of 8 / Echo Rush

LABEL:   XL Recordings

Pieces of 8’ was one of the tracks played during the duo’s first ever live performance, which was for Boiler Room over five years agoand has been a central part of their live show since.It has been through many iterations since and is now part ofJoy Orbison’s radio station on Grand Theft Auto.‘Pieces of 8’ is a track that sounds as fresh today as if it had been made yesterday.

On the flip side, ‘Echo Rush’ was a track that Ed, in his own words,“Found on ourlaptop one day and had no idea when we wrote it.”It was made on a synthesiser called ‘the virus’ (LOL) and Ed remembers hearing the track for the first time in a long time when he was late for a festival appearance after a delayed flight. While running up to the stage, Tom had started playing ‘Echo Rush’ and the memory was sparked. From there the duo finished the track and have now found a timely release for it, a track so obviously able to stand on its own in the coming mega summer.

Vinyl, 12", EP

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