Pacific Coliseum - How's Life

Let's Play House

Pacific Coliseum - How's Life

Before this illness was but a blip on the radar, before this epidemic became pandemic, we were looking forward to sharing this LP, Pacific Coliseum's How's Life, with you because, simply, it is a joy, but now it's taken on new, prescient dimensionality, and we're looking forward to it even more.

Before, it was a salve, a relief from the monotony of daily life and the troubles that burden us, but now it is an antidote to the physical isolation we're experiencing. It's an inward-looking album, one that's gentle and tender, but it's not quiet. It's full of life, color, spirit; its purpose is to take the emotion on the inside and connect it with the bright, miraculous world on the outside.

Vinyl, 12", LP

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