Pads Of Hue - Raise It EP
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1. A1 In The Wings
2. A2 Hansa
3. B1 Hansa (Forriner Remix)
4. B2 It's A '96

Friends Of Hue

Pads Of Hue - Raise It EP

Starting the year strong, Leeds based producer Pads Of Hue has been working hard behind the scenes to get his own vinyl only imprint 'Friends Of Hue' up and running.

Taking the reigns himself for the first release, 'Raise it' EP tumbles through the depths of yesteryear with the A1 bringing the strongest dose of nostalgia. DX patches sear on top of a playful arpeggio for the title track 'In The Wings'. Simple but effective drums maintain the groove whilst keeping the synth elements in check. 'Hansa' continues this trend by delivering some more analog goodness. A catchy bassline glues things together during this downtempo affair. A rare glimpse of what’s under the hood is given when filter envelopes are pulled open to reveal bright, resonant squelches and squeaks.

Long time pals Forriner step up to deliver a delightfully smooth, burning rework of 'Hansa'. Sample cuts from the original build the bones of the track with classic Forriner layering adding richness throughout. Percussion variations keep the track moving along nicely whilst melodic synth work dips in and out. Lovely! Track 4 brings the EP to a close with 'It’s a ‘96!'. Long subby bass notes take centre stage whilst glitchy hi hats and snappy snares create an unmistakable electro feel. Hauntingly familiar sounds echo throughout whilst other elements blend into one another. A pleasantly unusual piece to end on.

Vinyl, 12", EP