Pandilla LTD - Bleu EP [Ltd. 200 Copies]
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1. A1 - Bleu
2. A2 - Muphrid
3. B - Bleu (Dan Andrei Remix)

Carpet & Snares Records

Pandilla LTD - Bleu EP [Ltd. 200 Copies]

Our next release in the main catalogue is a concoction from local magicians Pandilla LTD. Over a huge rumbling bassline and syncopated chords, 'Bleu' snaps its fingers and shakes its hips along with the best of them, while 'Muphrid' has a darker, more heads-down approach to keeping the floor locked in. On the B, Dan Andrei takes 'Bleu' for a 10-minute walk on the wild side, clockwork percussion and a cyclical bassline creating some sanity in amongst which all manner of mischief can be found.

Vinyl, 12", EP, Ltd. 200 Copies