Patrizia Saronni - E Poi / Perchè Dovrei
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1. 1 E Poi (Original Version)
2. 2 Perche Dovrei (Original version)
3. 3 E Poi (Alternate Tape Version)

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Disco Segreta

Patrizia Saronni - E Poi / Perchè Dovrei

Disco Segreta releases on 12″ two true obscure italo-disco gems!

For the first time ever on a 12” release, Patrizia Saronni’s “E poi” and “Perché Dovrei”, only previously released as a 45 for the tiny Pongo label back in 1984.

“E poi” is a female-voiced tearjerker sung over a heart-melting italo-electro-synth line, while “Perché Dovrei” is a power synth-pop-talo teenage rebellion anthem.

But the most wonderful discovery on the actual master, has been a *previously unreleased* alternate version of “E Poi”, that didn’t make the original release, which sounds crafted for today’s dancefloors. Release will also feature a remixTBA. As common with our quality standards, repress is officially licensed and taken from the actual analog masters !

Vinyl, 12", Reissue