Penny Penny - Shilungu

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Penny Penny - Shilungu

Titled “Esa Presents Amandla: Music To The People”, the compilation spans Electronic music from around the globe, which features heavily in Esa’s DJ sets and hold a special place in his record bag – including exclusive versions and hard-to-find tracks from the last two decades. Esa presents Amandla will be preceded by a promotional teaser 12” out 31 May featuring Penny Penny’s impossibly rare Kwaito House monster “Shilungu” A hypnotic, percussive, groove-driven anthem, it features chanting in Tsonga, Celebrating South African icon Penny Penny’s Shangaani roots. On the flip is the acid-soaked Esa & Mervin Granger ’99 mix, re-interpreting the track with key elements from the original which are extended in a late night, Chicago House influenced chugger. Esa Williams is an ambassador for the South African music within the crowded landscape of the European nightlife – balancing a hectic DJ schedule, a monthly radio show on Worldwide FM and various live projects. Esa Williams currently holds a weekly DJ residency at Phonox, London, but will also be embarking on a worldwide DJ tour from May 2019 through summer to promote the Esa presents Amandla compilation. Penny Penny is expected to come to the UK in July 2019 to perform live with Esa.

Vinyl, 12", EP

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