People Plus - Third Space
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1. A1. Third Space
2. A2. Ascension
3. B1. Jungle Room
4. B2. O.S.C.1
5. B3. Journey To Being

Mood Hut

People Plus - Third Space

Third Space was inspired by a digital painting of a house by Marilyne Blais. A printout of the untitled work was pinned to the wall in Casa de Haikustudio, becoming an unexpected influence on the record. The duo realized early on they had started to imagine the soundscape inside the dream-like dwelling. The depth of field is fuzzy, angles are confused, and the structural integrity is unclear. On Third Space, People Plus wander freely between real and psychedelic territories, dipping into trip-hop, downtempo, and jazz. They find their sonic context in a hybrid space - neither the bedroom nor the dance floor.

Third Space is the second release from People Plus, a collaboration between Joli B and Mood Hut’s CZW.

Vinyl, 12", EP