Persian - Khaab

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Emotional Especial

Persian - Khaab

PERSIAN-EMPIREE special returns in 2019 to celebrate a 5th year by carrying on it's mission to mix and match influences firmly worn, with a welcome to one the UK's most respected 'old skool'producers, a man who can flip from Garage to Breaks, Digi-dubto Deep House, all while riding a killer riddim.Little is known aboutPeter Riley aka Persian, except the near 20-year stream of superlative productions, more often than notself released on his blink and you'll miss it, Existence Is Resistance label.

Empire takes two cuts from these sought after slabs of vinyl and presentsthem here in specially extended versions,backed with remixes by new label heads Project Runaway and old hand, Alphonse. In Project Runaway, the label presents a new project from Alek Lee (Antinote) and Stephan Bazbaz (No Waves), two respected producers in their ownright, coming together to a deep heavyweight bass-percussion-dubreimagining, where Arabic and Hebrew sit side-by-side is literal (musical) harmony.

The flip pauses to presentthe raw power of Parvaaneh. Again extended especially for the EP, this bass and acapella, is a call to simply listen.Who else but to ask for a rework thananother mysterious 'who he?',in Alphonse. First (re)discovered by thelabel in 2015, he has since goneon to release for Klasse Wrecks and Hypercolour to acclaim. Taking Parvaaneh's vocal to a Labyrinth basement, the squelching bass, raw sequencing and afro-vocals submerge and converge tohyno-effect.

Vinyl, 12", EP