Persian & Mixmaster Max - Don't Deal Wid Violence

Existence Is Resistance

Persian & Mixmaster Max - Don't Deal Wid Violence


Dubplate Don Persian has repressed this Hardcore Breaks Techno Riddim, seeing there were only 100 in existence before going for crazy prices, now including a mix from S.Bell capturing a shimmering soundscape vibe, adding perfection to his unsung abilities. This E.P. has some speaker destroyer’s on there, introducing the MixMaster Max into the pot alongside the Persian doing what can only be called world dub music. Sterling breaks shuffling at a downtempo 8 bit vibe with a really heavy bass! MixMaster Max’s history is interesting to say the least...

Born October 1966. Break Dancer in 1984, under the moniker Mad Max, started a crew named The Back Street Warriors, busking all over the UK at places such as Covent Garden/Leicester Square Performing on stage & in clubs. They once jammed with The Rock Steady Crew in Camden Palace in front of an audience.

Then in 1987 he became a DJ, playing all genre’s of music, he first played on RJR Radio, playing Electro, Hip Hop, Soul, R&B & Reggae. Moving forward he started playing Acid House & Four to the Floor Music styles, by the early 90’s he played on Weekend Rush & then went onto Defection, Touchdown, Don & Passion FM, playing Acid & Hardcore Jungle.

In the early day’s, MixMaster Max was one of the Innovator’s of Jungle music by mixing Hardcore, Reggae & Hip Hop together, helping other’s to produce, fuse & gain idea’s in the music industry. He was by Far the most Original, Innovative, DJ anybody had ever heard.

His innovative Mixes were ‘legendary’ he was a pioneer precursor to the Art form known as Jungle Music, not to mention his Scratching abilities, which was ‘extraordinary’!

For those that listened to pirate radio back in the day, he was the legendary cult figure that inspired us all, giving us the freshest musical styles that had never been heard before!

He can still be heard on OriginUK.Net Radio today...

Vinyl, 12", EP, Repress

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