Plastic Project - 7 A.M. (Incl. Verrina & Ventura Re-Shape)
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1. A1. 7 A.M. (First Step)
2. A2. 7 A.M. (Second Step)
3. B1. 7 A.M. (Third Step)
4. B2. 7 A.M. (Third Step) (Verrina & Ventura Re-Shape)


Plastic Project - 7 A.M. (Incl. Verrina & Ventura Re-Shape)

The legendary WildFlower Records repressed the 001 Plastic Project - 7 A.M., a real manifesto of Italo Deep House Music movement proudly made back in 1993 by the Italian pioneers Alex Neri and Marco Baroni.

Stunning melodies with a groovy mediterranean touch that helped to define the "house" sound of the 90s.

The EP is fatten by a juicy Re-Shape from the Italian producers Giovanni Verrina and Germano Ventura, they kept the original classic house vibes with in addition a dusty acid rolling 303 which is a brilliant fusion of pitched-down rave and comforting housy style.

Vinyl, 12", EP