Potatohead People - Mellow Fantasy (NM Sleeves)
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1. A1. 1st Light
2. A2. In The Garden
3. A3. What It Feels Like (feat. T3, Illa, J Kapok)
4. A4. Hidden Levels (feat Clear Mortifee)
5. A5. Baby Got Work (feat. Posdnuos & Kapok)
6. A6. Proof Is In The Pudding
7. A7. Break Even (feat. Kendra Dias)
8. B1. Ungodly (feat Kapok Moka Only)
9. B2. Island Delivery
10. B3. Bring The World A Little Closer (feat Reggie B)
11. B4. Kettle Boiling (feat. Bunnie)
12. B6. All The Way (Bonus Track)

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Potatohead People - Mellow Fantasy (NM Sleeves)

On their third full-length release, Potatohead People widen the frame of their progressive musical vision and deliver a far-reaching yet approachable set of moods and grooves.

Mellow Fantasy continues to showcase the trademark instrumental prowess of the duo and their ease with the loose but hard-hitting drum style brought to the fore by Jay Dee's influential productions, but goes well beyond basic boom bap bread and butter, with singer-centered R&B and uptempo bumps sharing the stage.

12" Vinyl, LP, NM Sleeves