PRE-ORDER - Cancel Customer's Pre-Order Because Allocation Was Cut

Note: Send a gentle reminder one day after first email, so customer does not miss it.

Email heading: Please Read From ColdCuts // HotWax

Hi there,

The biggest of apologies possible, we’ve had to cancel and send you a refund for the [Title] release you had pre-ordered.

Our allocation was cut by quite a drastic amount due to the limited nature of this release.

We’ve tried to let you know as soon as we’ve heard of this information to give you best chance of acquiring it from other retailers.

Here are some of the retailers with it still up for sale/pre-order:

[Insert Link]

[Insert Link]

[Insert Link]

Juno will also have it up for sale; you can sign up to their email alerts meaning you’ll be the first to know as soon as it lands in stock over there:

[Insert Link]

If you paid via PayPal your refund for your order will arrive immediately. If you paid via card, your refund will arrive back in your account within 2-3 working days. If there are any problems, let us know and we’ll look into resolving them for you.

We’ve also created a 15% discount code as an additional apology, which can be used on a future order: [Discount Code].

Once again I offer the biggest apologies as possible, and hope our transparency and honesty has meant you managed to get yourself a copy from somewhere else before they sell-out.

All the best,