Quadratschulz - Dynamic Linker
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1. A1 - dyld
2. A2 - Constant Increase
3. A3 - Post Mortem
4. B1 - Peer Pressure
5. B2 - Gnossiacid n°1 (Instrumental)
6. B3 - Ego

Quadratschulz - Dynamic Linker

The debut of Hamburg-based Quadratschulz on Clone Dub Recordings. A mini album with tracks ranging from a poppy version of Rephlex style braindance to melodies reminiscent of a modern day John Carpenter soundtrack to almost old Viewlexx style electro. A versatile album where Quadratschulz showcases his broad range of influences all very firmly rooted in the 90's rave.

Vinyl, 12", Mini-LP