Quavius - Find Ready LP
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1. A1. That Beat
2. A2. Heaven Is In You
3. A3. Let It Rock
4. B1. The Gist
5. B2. Find Ready
6. B3. Flo Central
7. B4. Fa Sho

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Lustwerk Music

Quavius - Find Ready LP

Quavius, the deep south vagabond known for his raw and sophisticated dance collages returns to Lustwerk Music with his second EP for the label, Find Ready. While mostly an instrumental affair, Find Ready is an updated glimpse into the producer / rapper's latest repertoire, ranging from the sunny, Baltimore club-influenced house of "Flo Central" to funky Motor City workouts like "Heaven Is In You" and "Find Ready". The EP starts off on a high clip with a nostalgic, forward-driving deep house instrumental, "That Beat." Quavius dons the mic on three of the seven tracks. "The Gist", the EPs cornerstone, sounds something like a Rakim-meets-Sensate Focus. The A and B side are each topped off with downtempo Hip-hop. "Let it Rock" and "Fa Sho" are contemporary updates on cloud rap that bleed atmosphere and confidence while revealing Quavius' knack for tight songwriting and arrangement.

Vinyl, LP, Mini-Album