Quiet Places - Volume 1 [Gatefold 2xLP]
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1. A1 - Track 1
2. A2 - Track 2
3. B1 - Track 3
4. B2 - Track 4
5. C1 - Track 5
6. C2 - Track 6
7. D1 - Track 7
8. D2 - Track 8

A Strangely Isolated Place

Quiet Places - Volume 1 [Gatefold 2xLP]

Consisting of Dennis White, Charlie May, and Dave Gardner, Quiet Places is a new project by the UK producers focusing on vivid and wide-screen journeys. Between the three, their production roots go deep into some of electronic music's most important outputs of the last few decades. Be it performing live as part of Sasha's recent Refracted shows, their own individual projects such as Spooky, Sentre and Cosmonauts or remixing the likes of M83, The XX, Thom Yorke, Little Dragon or Elizabeth Fraser, they are no strangers to electronica.

Clear Vinyl, 2x12", LP, Gatefold