Qwerty - Qwerty#01
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1. A1 - Qwerty - modFunk
2. A2 - Qwerty - Warm Tine
3. A3 - Qwerty - im
4. B1 - Qwerty - Tiktaalik
5. B2 - Qwerty - prolieV
6. B3 - Qwerty - 2wosh


Qwerty - Qwerty#01


Qwerty returns with a limited self-released EP produced over the last decade both in Zagreb and London. Story continues where his previous electro acid-influenced releases left off: debut 12” on Rottenrow following a collaboration with DMX Krew on Breakin’ Records. The new 6-tracker takes us in and out of the techno house spectrum, swapping modes between nerdy IDM bedroom vibes and retro-electro breaks aimed towards the dancefloor.

Vinyl, 12", EP